Softland Entrepreneurs Award

Softland Entrepreneurs Award

As part of the framework of activities related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Softland Group launches a social and public initiative to promote the development of the entrepreneurial culture.

Softland Entrepreneurs Award is aimed at all those companies that are within the category of local SMEs, that need to improve their administrative management and whose business idea is innovative within the local market. The selection committee selected by Softland identifies businesses that highlight innovation and creativity factors when answering: Why do you need to make administrative management easier at your business?

Launching The Initiative

In 2012, the Entrepreneurs Award initiative was held at the subsidiaries of Costa Rica and Chile, and the latter was replicated in 2013. In Costa Rica the initiative takes place every 2 years. The future objective of the award is to reach and be launched from all the Group’s subsidiaries in the region.

The prize consists of handling licenses and implementation of Softland ERP business software, training to users for the use of the tool, service for its maintenance and upgrades for a set time period.

Experience In Costa Rica

The Entrepreneurship Award in Costa Rica included 54 success stories registered at Portal. The initiative was advised by Proinnova-UCR acting as a representative of the Link Commission between University and Enterprises of the National Council of Rectors of the University of Costa Rica, which is the organization that supported the logistics of Softland in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The jury was composed of representatives of the Link Commission between University and Enterprises of Proinnova, the nation’s top universities (such as University of Costa Rica, National University and National Technological Institute of Costa Rica), as well as by two distinguished customers and executives of the subsidiary Softland Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, the first place was awarded to Florex, a company dedicated to the production and marketing of environmentally friendly cleaning products and services. The second place was awarded to bioTD, a company that focuses on the development, production and sales of innovative medical devices for the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases. And the third place was for Turrones de Costa Rica (Doré), a leader in the production and sale of handcrafted macadamia nuts, peanuts and almonds nougats with environmentally friendly production processes.

“The Entrepreneurs Award is part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with which we seek to contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial culture of businesses. At Softland Group we consider it vital for businesses to stay alive through the implementation of innovative projects. For this reason, our aim is to adapt the award to each market and to launch it in all the regional branches,” said Oscar Saez of Bergia, Corporate Vice President of Softland Group.

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