Purple is easy to see at the top, but with good word can be very smart and fashion. See color plate, we can see the purple is the confluence of red and blue, and there are a lot of color in the middle, because it is believed that purple in magenta and maroon direction is warm color and the orientation of the violet is a cool color. Purple is a mysterious rich color, that is associated with luck and wealth, noble and showily. It is also related to religion, such as the Easter and purple shirt. Interestingly, if you look at the Christian and the church website, but not a lot of purple. This color will also through the flowers and plants and natural associations, such as clove, lavender, violet, and all kinds of purple color orchids. In 2008, PANTONE choose Blue and red (Blue Iris/PANTONE 18-3943) as their annual color. Lai, Albert Leatrice Eiseman (Leatrice Eiseman), pantone color industry department director described Blue red, as the reflect of The Times, the Blue Iris brought trusted side of the Blue, and combined with strong a myth of purple. Emotionally, it gives people a sense of security and a bit dreamy meditation. It skillfully combines the deep red, reddish brown, yellow, dark purple, and gray. Use purple, purple across the warm color and cool color, so you can according to the color combination by creating a distinctive appeal. Bring some red purple can produce a warm color plate. Light purple is more expensive, often associated with romance. When combined with pink, you can create a very feminine color wheel. A color wheel is man can use dark purple. Soil and natural color can be combined with deep purple and light brown or light purple and green. Yellow and purple is complementary, can create a strong contrast color wheel.